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ProctyClean® Intimate-Care Kit

intensive bum-care


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Enjoy 🍑-sex to the fullest.

💦 gently and effectively removes stool residue from the anal canal and nourishes it with an oil film.

🧼 cleans where the problems arise and does not just scratch the surface like toilet paper.

❤️🩹 Inflammation, irritation and pain in the anal area are reduced through targeted hygiene.

✨ Rapid increase in well-being after just a few applications, due to the increased hygiene.

The ProctyClean® intimate care set helps you remove stool residues from the anal canal, cares for it with an oil film and goes directly to the cause. In this way, inflammation, irritation, itching and pain in the anal area are relieved through targeted hygiene.

1x Proctyclean intimate care stick
1x Proctyclean vitamin E-oil

Application in the shower or in front of the sink:
1. application in the shower is optimal. Depending on your mood, you can stand or squat down slightly.
2. gently insert the prepared ProctyClean® intimate-Care Stick moistened with vitamin E oil into the anus up to the intermediate part.
This makes it easier: actively relax the anus while inserting or even press lightly. After a few times, you'll get the hang of it!
3. Now move the ProctyClean® Intimate-Care Stick back and forth with small longitudinal movements about 2 to 3 times. Do this in such a way that it is comfortable for you.
4. pull out the ProctyClean® intimate-Care Stick completely and rinse it with water.
Repeat steps 2, 3, and 4 until no more stool residue is visible on the Intimate-Care Stick. Repeating these steps effectively cleans the inner mucous membrane of the anal canal.
6. almost done! When no more stool remains are visible on the intimate-Care Stick, finally pull out the Intimate-Care Stick and rinse your external anal area thoroughly with water. Finally, clean the ProctyClean® Intimate-Care Stick thoroughly. This is best done with a hot, strong jet of water.
7. Dry your external anal area gently but thoroughly with a soft cloth. Please do not rub.

ProctyClean® Vitamin E-Oil:
Paraffinum Liquidum, Petrolatum, Tocopherol, Paraffin, Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil, Bisabolol, Guaiazulene.

ProctyClean® intimate hygiene stick:
Medical grade plastic

Developed and recommended by doctors.

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