nevernot Menstrual Cup

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The Queen of Cups doesn't predict your future but is going to make the present easier for you - with a capacity of 22 milliliters and 100% medical-grade silicone. But it's not just the inside that counts here: the nevernot menstrual cup comes with high-quality, reusable outer packaging and a super practical bag. Your sustainable and environmental friendly alternative for (almost) every day and occasion!

The nevernot menstrual cup is 100% free of any packaging-related waste.

♻️ Reusable
⏰ Wear it up to 8 hours
🌱 Extremely sustainable: up to 10 years of use*
💖 Fairly produced
🌿 Vegan
✔️ 100% medical silicone

*when used correctly

How it works:

First things first:
Wash your hands thoroughly.

Then find the folding technique that fits you best (You can find different techniques on the leaflet).

Now insert the cup - folded side first - this is best done in a squat. The cup is supposed to completely unfold inside of you. Check by running your fingers across the edge. 

Again: wash your hands! Press the cup in slightly, release the vacuum, and gently pull it out grabbing the ring. Twist and squeeze for even easier removal.  

After a maximum of 8 hours, you should empty your menstrual cup in the sink or toilet. Clean with warm water and a pH-neutral washing lotion or a pH-neutral cleaning cloth.

After each menstruation, place your cup in boiling water for 3 minutes. If you want to clean the cup on the go, you can also do this perfectly with our Intimate Wipes.

Your experiences with the nevernot Menstrual Cup:
My period is still annoying. But much less since I use the nevernot soft-tampons and the menstrual cup. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, ladies!
— Anja, 34
I love the nevernot cup. The ring makes removal super easy and the box is just practical.
— Emily, 21
Your ideal menstrual product mix

Period Perfect!

When it comes to menstrual products, there's no right or wrong, only the question whether it works for you or not With the Period Perfect! Bundle you can make your period as relaxed as possible. We got you covered – literally! Menstrual Cup, soft-tampon and intimate wipes. For every moment of your period.

The nevernot Quickies – Intimate Wipes


Not only ideal for your next quickie, but also for your menstrual cup - perfect for on the go. Simply put it in your pocket or purse and keep it ready for the cup change. Just wipe your vulva and cup and everything's settled.

✨ Dermatologically and gynecologically tested

💙 Optimal PH value for your intimate area

🥛 With lactic acid and chamomile extract

🌱 Vegan and cruelty-free 

🌸 Biodegradable

☀️Fairly produced in Germany

♻️ With recycled packaging material